Her shocked face. She wasn't far off,

If someone was a traitor, wouldn't Josh have sensed it in them by now? People could bury their emotions, but they couldn't hide them. As they lied or plotted, Josh would've noticed it big-time. Right? You did what? Clyde roared. I'm not going to apologize. It's not like you were doing anything about it, Austin countered. The words made Josh wince, but Clyde ceased his pacing about the room and rounded on the slender teen. You have no idea what I do! I just lost the single inactive member of my team. How would it look if I lose you and him, too? How would it look? Not as bad as it'll look when you've lost everyone because of a traitor you did nothing about! Austin shouted. buy instagram followers Josh stepped forward and put a hand out to either of them as if directing traffic. Whoa, we don't know there buy instagram followers is one yet, Austin. Slow your roll. Clyde turned to face Josh, his face a contorted display of anger and disgust. Oh, it's not a new google idea, Josh. As a matter of fact, it's one Sean has already brought up for my consideration. I'm sure he has, Josh said, his tone neutral. Oh, he has. And do you know who he feels our traitor is? Clyde stepped forward and Josh was forced to take a step back or have Clyde's over-muscled pecs press up against him. I have an idea, instagram Josh admitted. It's kind of convenient, don't you think? We did fine for months on our own, but the second you show up, warblers break through our wards, Peter turns up missing -- then dead -- and now a surprise attack. The other things Josh could handle, but Peter's murder was a button Clyde should've known not to push. If you think I'd murder my own team-- You've refused to be a part of this team since the beginning! You treated me as an outcast before I even got here, you ! Hey, if the shoe fits! buy instagram followers Guys, Austin pleaded, though he was either unwilling or unable to voice it louder than a weak utterance. Go to hell! Josh yelled, halting his retreat from Clyde's advancing steps. You go to hell! Clyde retorted, pushing Josh in the chest. Josh pushed back, and Clyde's anger rose like a tidal wave. Guys! Austin shouted, and slipped between them with his arms outstretched. If you want to hit anyone, hit me! I'm the one that came to Josh, buy instagram followers okay? I asked him to come with me. Clyde regarded Austin for just a moment before finally turning away disdainfully, shaking his hand out as if to rid it of the punch he was about instagram to deliver. You should've consulted me first, he said without turning to face them. What'd Malaric say about all of this? Austin asked in a weak attempt to derail the complaint. Clyde shook his head. I don't know. You don't know? This seemed a larger problem to Austin than to Josh, the slender teen coming around to look Clyde in the face. What do you mean you don't know? Clyde threw his arms open wide. I don't know, okay? I couldn't get a hold of him last night! I haven't heard from him in days. Days? Austin's eyes went wide, his whole body becoming rigid. I don't understand, Josh announced. Why is this bad? Malaric checks in every buy instagram followers night with me. I give a report, he assigns any investigations or rumors. Even so, Josh began, but couldn't finish his thought. If he's not in communication, it's because something is really, really wrong.